How To Get Customers For A Moving Or Transport Company? – Digital Marketing

If you need to get clients for your moving or transport company Internet can be an excellent tool, probably while reading this on the Internet, there are people looking for a company to help them move their belongings to a new home. Would you like to know how to get to them?

In this article, we are going to show you how using a digital marketing strategy you can get to boost your moving company on the Internet and reach potential customers.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For A Moving Or Transport Company?

Admit it; the times have changed until some time ago to get clients to the moving company you needed to publish an ad in yellow pages, magazines, and local newspapers, etc. However, now potential customers use the Internet to find a moving company, transport or packaging either from their personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

They are also influenced by comments on social networks, have access to more information to compare and choose a moving company.

Where To Start?

Register A Domain Name

Just as you have a business name for your moving company, it is necessary to have a name on the Internet the famous “.com” through this Internet address, your customers and potential customers can find you. The recommendation is to use a short name that is easy to remember.

Professional Email Accounts

If you are still using your free email of the type probably you are not offering a right image or confidence to your potential customers as would be to use an email address of the type investment to have a personalized email address with the name of your accounting studio is quite cheap, so you have no excuses not to buy one, it will also help you improve your image.

If you need to have personalized email accounts for your moving company, you can visit our corporate email plans.

Design A Web Page

The next step is to design a web page of your moving company where everyone who enters can know the services you offer, according to studies it is said that you have less than 8 seconds to get the attention of the visitor otherwise it will go away.

For this reason, it is not about designing a web page where you talk about yourself and how big is your moving company, it’s about talking about how you can help solve the need to move your potential client and why they should choose your company and not another.

The vast majority of web pages of moving companies commit this error and do not bother to answer the visitor’s question. What’s here for me? This is a key factor in the design of web pages

I already have a website. Now what?

Where Can I Get Clients To My Moving Or Transport Company Using The Internet?

Advertise On Google Adwords For Moving Companies

The vast majority of people use Google to search for virtually everything including moving services in their area, for this reason advertising your moving company when someone searches for the word “moving companies in (your city)” would be one of the best options for reach potential clients, because you are arriving at the precise moment in which that person is in need of your services, with which the chances of becoming a client are very high.

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs think, Google ads in most cases should not point to the website, but to a landing page (later page), we will talk about this.


Bonus Tip: Offer Various Services

A great things to do is to offer various services. For example when you offer moving services there can be so many paths you can go down. You could offer full service moving, van only rental, partial moving where you help load the truck but the customer has to pack, separate packing services, create hire for moving. And then their can also be man with a van services. You can brand yourself as an expert man with a van service. Offer basic man with a van services. Offer a premium version that comes with two men with a van that also help with packing.

The services you offer are only limited to your creativity. Then, when customer actually call, you have the ability to offer them a service that fits their price range instead of being the company that just hangs up when your price is out of their budget.



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